Soft & Co

Soft & Co product line is recommended to use for body use from 3 years old.

The quality of the products, the care in its formulation and the dermatological tests to which they are subject, thus guarantees quality as the main characteristic.


An idealized and made in Portugal line but addressed to all, thus having our name in a universal language, affirming the Portuguese spirit in its multi-cultural aspect.

Soft & Co guarantees a smooth, moisturized and protected skin with all the guarantees of quality and accessible to all families.




The product line consists of 1L body cream, 100% aloe vera gel, mosqueta rose oil, coconut oil and a urucum oil (only marketed in the summer).


The daily 1L cream is hypoallergenic, which means it has undergone highly demanding dermatological tests on various skin types, so it is perfectly suited to more sensitive and potentially allergic skin.


All our products are of exclusively vegetable and natural origin, where no animal tests are done.


The formulas are based on powerful natural ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil and aloe vera.


Vitamin E present in all products helps prevent premature aging of the skin.


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